Confidence at hand

The 1st Mate Marine Safety and Security System puts confidence in the palm of your hand with overboard alerts, distress messaging and theft-deterrent functionality. Utilizing wearable fobs and your mobile device, 1st Mate combines boat safety with convenience.

Theft Deterrent System (TDS)

TDS locks your engine(s) to prevent unauthorized use. Once you’re ready to get back behind the wheel, your engine(s) can easily be unlocked via the proximity of the captain’s wearable or by using the 1st Mate mobile app. Additional TDS functions are available on the 1st Mate Marine Safety and Security System for Mercury SmartCraft Engines.

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Distress Message

If a boat captain (driver wearing the captain’s fob) falls overboard and can’t get back onboard, or passengers can’t return the boat to the captain, 1st Mate will send a distress message to your emergency contact(s). Distress message is sent after a countdown timer expires or a request for help is made. Message includes location, heading, date and time of the “man overboard” event.

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Get Connected!

Tired of the old lanyard keep getting in the way? Let cutting edge wireless technology keep you safe instead.