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1st Mate Captain FOB (QS)

1st Mate Captain FOB (QS)

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The 1st Mate system is the industry's first engine-integrated intelligent hub and wearable device that integrates with marine propulsion systems to provide safety alerts and information. It adds another layer of boating safety by notifying a boat's captain or its passengers if someone has fallen overboard. 1st Mate also serves as an effective deterrent to boat-and-engine theft. This wearable captain's fob kit is specifically made for 1st Mate's Leading Engine Brands, and includes the captain fob, blue wristband and carabiner clip. 1st Mate hub sold separately.


  • Includes the Captain's fob, blue wristband, and carabiner clip
  • Works with 1st Mate vessel hub for All Leading Engine Brands
  • Download the 1st Mate mobile device app on the App Store or Google Play Store
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